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Q: What is the Body Fuel System, and what does it include?

The Body Fuel System is a blueprint to understanding how food works in your body and how to use and apply that information on a daily basis so you can achieve and maintain your ideal weight, get out of a fat-storing state and into a fat-burning one, feel great about the choices you make with food, and vastly increase your health.

It includes a 200 page,  2-part downloadable book that covers everything you need for success – Part one includes the Lean, Sexy Shredded Manual, the Food Avengers Kit, and the Failproofing your Fuel System Formula where you’ll find out about food allergies, gluten, dairy, soy, grains,  how to save money at the grocery store, dialing in the system for weight loss and workouts, how to make it work on a time schedule, how the nutrients you need function like a superhero team, dealing with cravings, eating out and SO MUCH MORE.

Part two is a 30-day meal plan that you can customize to suit your lifestyle – with 4 weeks of shopping lists, 4 weeks of food prep, tons of my very own Fitness Food recipes (includes pescetarian and vegetarian options) and a daily guide to help you put it all together.

Q: Do I have to follow the 30-day plan?

No. You can still use the System effectively by simply accessing the recipes and even using the daily menus as a suggested guide when you’re out to eat for ideas of how to combine nutrients.

The 30-day plan sets you up with grocery lists, food prep, recipes and daily menus, but you can use as much or as little of that as you like and still benefit enormously from the information in Part 1 that will allow you to start implementing the key food strategies to your life that I outline about inflammatory foods and how to reduce them in your diet so you can start burning more fat and feeling awesome.

Q: What are the foods that I can expect to eat if I follow the Body Fuel System?

The Body Fuel System is based on whole, natural foods that are unprocessed, unrefined such as:

  • organic eggs
  • natural meats & poultry
  • wild fish
  • low-sugar fruits
  • organic greens and vegetables
  • raw nuts
  • nutrient-dense seeds
  • natural oils
  • gluten-free grains
  • plus, for every recipe with meat or fish, there is an alternative option suitable for vegetarians or pescatarians, or anyone who chooses to use them.

…and many delicious recipes that combine these wholesome ingredients in creative, delicious ways that make it easy for you to enjoy them. The food in this program is gluten free, dairy free and soy free.*

*Several of the meat-alternative recipes contain soy. If you are following the regular program, there is no soy. 

Q. How much weight can I lose on the Body Fuel System?

You can lose all the weight you want to lose! You can achieve your ideal weight when you follow the nutritional principles taught in this System.

You will see and feel the results right away. Most people lose anywhere from 4-8 lbs just in the first week. While some of  the initial weight that comes off can be water weight, remember that we retain water to deal with inflammation created from eating the wrong foods. After the first week, weight loss should average 1-2 pounds per week, and when combined with a fitness program may increase.

Q. What if I’m not trying to lose weight? What if I want to see more lean muscle definition or gain weight?

Great question. Eating the food in the system will provide you with the optimal foundation for building lean muscle and allowing your body to regulate. It is not a “bulking protocol” as creating and sustaining that much muscle mass is a little outside of the norm – though it can be achieved with a careful body building program and food regimen.

Many of my clients who are under weight or lack that lean, sculpted muscle they want to see starting out with the System have not been eating enough of the right foods. Once they start the program, they are able to see immediate progress, because giving the body the food it needs to build and repair tissue is actually a very simple process. Once they achieve their ideal look, they can follow the same guidelines and maintain it.

Q: Are the recipes on your e-book for one person or two? I’m trying to see when I go shopping if I need to double the recipe for me and my husband or go as is.

I recommend my clients who are couples make the food in the exact quantities as they are written the first time you go through it, and share them. Run out as you run out, naturally – even if it is sooner than 1 week, so you can tell how much you’re both eating and are hungry for.

Everyone is a little different, and you guys will go through the food at your own unique rate together. That will help you gauge how much to buy and prep for the next round. It might be 1.5, it might actually be double.
The 30-day portion of the system is a guide, to help you learn to practice and utilize all of the valuable nutrition information in the core of the book. Even if you were doing it on your own, you would make some modifications.
Q: Is the Fuel System okay for me if I’m pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing?

Yes, absolutely. The Body Fuel System provides a clean, healthy eating system that is ideal for anyone who wants to support optimal wellness. The natural, whole foods in the guide will support your body during one of the most important times there is to ensure you’re getting plenty of nutrients. You should always consult with your doctor or health care provider when making changes to the way you eat during pregnancy.

Because the System includes some raw greens (greens mix salad and daily green smoothie), I would personally suggest buying only organic greens and vegetables, and being sure to wash them thoroughly. If your diet did not previously consist of any raw fruits or vegetables, introduce them slowly – and again, ensure high quality.

You should be sure you are aware of any food allergies as well – the system includes nuts, eggs and fish. It is gluten and dairy-free, but allows for easy modifications and substitutions. As always, check with your doctor or health care provider before making any changes.

Are the meals (mostly dinner meals) something my kids will be interested in?

You will actually find that all of the principles about food that I teach you in the Body Fuel System are applicable to us at any age.  I only recommend wholesome, natural foods.  – that support us at every stage of life – especially during growth!

If you are following the daily eating plan, in the first week for example there’s a tasty tomato turkey soup, some fish dishes, and one night you make breakfast for dinner :) – great things like that.

I include a pesto recipe each week to spice up some of the dishes without adding condiments or high-sugar/high-sodium sauces. While some of my readers tell me their kids love garlic, others aren’t so fond of it. You can easily make small substitutions to things like that, and stick to the plan for yours.

Is the Body Fuel System for men and women?

Absolutely. It is for anyone looking to learn about food and how to eat it to affect change. It’s very easy to customize. The portions in the program are recommended amounts, and I provide you with guidelines about how to easily customize it to yourself.

Keep in mind that even programs that count calories specifically can never be exact for everyone, every day. Your body’s need change based on a variety of factors daily and what’s awesome about this program is that it will allow you to learn your own body without being restricted by a daily calorie number.

I want to start your 30 day eating guide but I’m diabetic.  Will it work for me too? 

If you are currently taking prescription medication for your Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, it is important that you discuss any changes in your daily eating plan with your physician.

Because the Body Fuel System focuses on natural foods (such as natural, lean proteins and fibrous fruits & greens) and recommends gluten free, unprocessed grains, you may experience a natural reduction in blood sugar. You must discuss these changes with your physician so that they can oversee any necessary changes that need to be made in your current medications.

Keep track of your blood sugar during the initial stages of the Fuel System.

I have a physical ailment, such as fibromyalgia. Can I still follow this System?

Yes, absolutely! Because the system includes all healthy, natural whole foods, it is ideal for many physical ailments. The nutrients found in whole, unprocessed foods contain many anti-inflammatory benefits, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (such as antioxidants). Many aches and pains will lessen as your body is infused with the natural health benefits found in these foods.

I have some food allergies, will the system work for me?

The Body Fuel System is a great option if you have food allergies. The 30-day menu and recipes are gluten and dairy free.

If you have any nut,  fruit or shellfish allergies, it is easy to substitute other foods in place of them and still see great results. To make it easy for you, I’ve included substitutes for nuts and eggs, as well as alternative entree options if you’re not able to eat shellfish or meat.

I simply recommend you check the grocery list each week and make sure you don’t need to make any changes before you head out for supplies.

Is it possible to eat Vegetarian while following the Body Fuel System? What about Vegan?

Along with the prescribed recipes, the System includes food options for Vegetarians and Pescetarians and contains a broad spectrum of whole, natural foods.  It includes a variety of protein sources that come from plants, fish and meat.

The program does not include vegan options. Because I recommend an active, athletic lifestyle I recommend a combination of animal and plant protein sources for optimal health and wellness. I respect everyone’s food choices and understand that it is a personal decision. But I want you to know in advance that this book does not give Vegan options.

I’m from another country, and we have a different food culture here. I’m not sure how many of your recipes contain food that I can not find here. Maybe I can find some substitutes. In those circumstances do you suggest I buy the program?

I don’t know what you will have in your country, but I will tell you that the information contained in the book applies everywhere. Even in the United States, you might not find every ingredient exactly as it is written throughout the 4 weeks of groceries.

But learning to make modifications to the food we have available – either seasonally or regionally – is part of every clean-eaters life.

I don’t think you should expect that every ingredient I’ve suggested you eat will be available in every country…but they are all whole foods, and you will easily be able to make simple substitutions for nutrient density based on the information in the book.

Will I get the Body Fuel System in the mail? What is an e-book, and what is the difference between an e-book and a hardcopy?

An e-book is a PDF file that is available for immediate download after your purchase it. You will receive a secure login and password after purchase so you can download the Body Fuel System and the bonuses right away.

Once you have downloaded the program on your computer, you can share the files with your smart phone, tablet or other device using a cloud share such as Dropbox.

Can I download the Body Fuel System directly onto my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, absolutely. You can use the log in and password I’ll send you to log in and access your content from any of your devices. I recommend downloading the files and placing them in a secure cloud sharing program like Dropbox so you can access them from any device Dropbox is installed on.

Does your System track calories?

The Body Fuel System specifically does not count calories. Instead, it focuses on the nutrient density contained in whole foods, and their effect on our bodies. It goes in depth into the macro-nutrients – but not to count them, instead to understand them so you won’t have to.

Many people who count calories end up feeling restricted and can develop unhealthy obsessions about food.

This is exactly the kind of information you will need to truly understand food and your body – to ensure a lifestyle of food enjoyment and a healthy body that you can be proud of and feel great in for years to come.

Will I be able to afford the ingredients?

The 30-day eating guide in Part 2 is set up so that you prepare most of your own food, bring it with you throughout the day and always have healthy, delicious food to eat when you’re at home.

It decreases the amount of money you spend on eating out significantly. The guide includes many suggestions for how to save money on groceries such as buying in bulk, buying frozen items, and of course buying organic is your own personal choice.

While there may be a few specialty food items, you can certainly make substitutions to the food list to suit your needs, your budget and your preferences and still follow the program.

I consider buying and preparing good food on a weekly basis an investment in my health. I’m well aware of how much medical bills, prescription drugs and health care can cost. To avoid those kinds of expenses, I’d rather spend a little money on food that improves my health and happiness.

Do I have to exercise for this System to work?

Ideally, everyone should include some kind of healthy activity in their life. That being said, the way our body looks and feels is about 70% what we eat, and 30% how we move.

Because everyone has a different starting point, the Body Fuel System focuses on food. I do include links to some of my personal recommended routines and exercises to compliment the system via my blog, but even simply walking every day will increase the benefits you will get using the System.

However moderate or extreme your workouts or exercise plan, simply follow the guidelines included in the system to ensure you have the right amount of nutrients to support your activities.

Should I follow the system exactly as it is written?

I call it a System because I expect you to use the information in Part 1 and the  30-day plan I provide in Part 2 as a base for creating your own healthy eating lifestyle.

The eating guide includes nutrient-dense recipes that contain a balance of low-glycemic complex and simple carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy essential fat sources, and plenty of greens.

There is room for taking a day off should you wish to treat yourself (I recommend it!) and you can rearrange the order of the meals throughout the day or shift items around throughout the week to accommodate your schedule.

First and foremost, I recommend that you LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Eating whole, nutrient-dense foods will allow those messages to come through loud and clear.  Make adjustments as you go, enjoy the process, and remember you are always in charge.

Does the Body Fuel System help prevent/decrease inflammation?

Yes, absolutely. The System includes many whole foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it will teach you preparatory methods for whole foods like grains that sometimes cause irritation due to common cooking methods so you can enjoy the benefits of their nutrients without the indigestion.

There is an abundance of both cooked and raw green plants in the Fuel System, offering your body a spectrum of natural vitamins and phytonutrients (like antioxidants) that help decrease inflammation and stress on the body.

Are there any risks or dangers associated with following The Fuel System?

The Fuel System only recommends all natural foods that are found in nature. As a result, the risks in following the meal plan is extremely low. With that being said, there are a small percentage of people that do experience one or more of the following reactions:

If you are someone who has been eating processed foods, high amounts of sugar and/or caffeine, or has not made fruits and vegetables an integral part of your eating regimen, you may experience some detox symptoms. This may or may not include headaches, dizziness, digestive difficulties, trouble sleeping, fatigue, and gastrointestinal distress. These symptoms quickly subside after a few days depending on your starting point.

If you are taking prescription medications and are under a doctor’s care, it is imperative that you consult your physician before implementing the dietary changes taught in the Body Fuel System. You may experience the need for a decrease or increase in certain medications, which can only be monitored and recommended by your doctor. In the case of many diabetics, your need for insulin and/or diabetic medication may drastically decrease and should be discussed with your doctor.

No known long term risks have ever been associated with eating and maintaining a healthy diet.


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