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Rocio G.

Before and after 4 weeks of the Betty Rocker’s Body Fuel System!

-Rocio G.


"The Body Fuel System was everything I needed to get over my weight plateau."

Jenna T.I've always hated cooking with a passion! Not to mention never had any good ideas for meals. So when it came to wanting to cut fat and tone up I was lost on where to start as far as healthy eating. The Body Fuel System was the perfect solution for me!

Not only was this plan easy to follow but the meals were delicious! I made myself go into this meal plan with an open mind and promised myself even if it was something I normally wouldn't try (I'm a picky eater) that I would try it!

I was not disappointed! Everything tasted amazing!! It was exactly what I needed to get over my weight plateau. If you are looking for some new and healthy ideas for meals I highly suggest The Fuel System!

-Jenna T.


Veronica M.

Here are my results!

Still a work in progress, but I've been following the Body Fuel System and the workouts.

Thank you Bree and Erin for your help, to a new healthier me.

The next phase is all up to me.

I got this!!

-Veronica M.


"You changed my life!"

Photo Mar 12, 11 27 51

I needed to let you know  that you have changed my life. I never thought that a "plan" would be something I would stick to or want to stick to because they are all so BORING. However, yours rocks. Your support that you have shown me through my ups and downs is incredible. My way of thinking about food now is to fuel my body and not to starve it.

Your recipes are great and have helped make me and my husband be healthier. I lost 6 lbs in the first week!
-Rebecca C.


"I've gone from 213 lbs to 174 lbs and feel awesome!"

Back in October, 2011 I was at the heaviest point of my life. I used to weigh 213lbs and felt like crap every day. My knee surgeries from 2010 had me siting on the couch, all drugged up, losing muscle mass and getting fat. Come Halloween, I noticed that the fairly snug shirt was exposing my belly rolls, and for the first time in my life, I was insecure about my body.

I have been following Betty Rockers recipes and Anywhere Workouts for a little under a year now. Since Nov 2011 I've gone from 213 lbs to 174 lbs and feel awesome. I would like to thank Betty Rocker for the guidelines and awesome creative workouts. I feel like I'm 18yrs old and in high school again, fending women off me with a stick!
-Eric C. (28)

Veronica Serna Musico- BFS

"I stopped craving sugar all the time."

The main "difference" I noticed immediately after starting the Fuel System was that I stopped craving sugar all the time. I still would feel a craving every now and then (especially during emotional moments) but because my body was finally "adequately fueled" with complex carbs and proteins and veggies on a regular basis I didn't feel that desperation for sugar like I used to.

I read the Fuel System from cover to cover and what I appreciated most was not just the incredible amount of information and advice, but the positive message of self-love and acceptance that Betty Rocker was spreading. Through her incredible guidance I have learned to love myself and not punish/reward myself with food. Food is my fuel, nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks to the nutritional philosophies in the Fuel System I feel as though I finally get it. I don't feel like I'm on a "diet". In fact, I feel amazingly nourished all the time! The difference is that since I'm prepping my meals at the beginning of each week/day and actually paying attention to everything that goes into my body, I feel happier and more in control with my life. It has even made me a better friend, team player, sister and teacher.
-Ashley G. (25)

Erin T.

JasmineI had a preconceived notion that if I wanted to lose weight, my food needed to be plain and boring because if not, I was consuming too many calories. Working with the Fuel System taught me that calories aren’t the most important thing; instead my focus should be getting the proper nutrients that my body needs. By getting the proper nutrients from each and every meal, I had more energy, and was able to do even more and push even harder in my vigorous workouts. The green smoothies in this program have made it possible for me to have clean and healthy “fast food” to go. They have changed my life!

-Jasmine F. (22)


"I'm happy with what I put in my mouth because it shows on my body"

I just wanted to email you to say thank you, again…I've been eating clean and training well and not depriving myself and I legit see my (six) packs coming in! And some of my jeans fit!!

I have a lot to thank you for. I make your shakes and your other dishes and I'm happy with what I put in my mouth because it shows on my body.

-Dalida I. (25)

Before_After2011-2012"People at my work are jealous of the food I get to eat every day."

It really is amazing at what a difference your diet will make. I have spent years working out and only saw minimal gains. 

Once I started working with Betty Rocker, everything changed. Not only did I start packing on the muscle, I felt better and more awake all day. I was able to start removing most of my protein shakes and replace them with real food.

Now, how I eat is second nature and everything about the Fuel System makes it not only healthy, but taste really good also. People at my work know my diet and are jealous by the food I get to eat each day.

I documented my first 90 days and the proof is in the first 2 pictures. This was all doing the same workout routine, just changing up what I put in my body.
It's amazing how much more progress and results I received by following her program.
-Casey D. (26)


"Sorry I'm not sorry for Betty Rocking!"

I started The Fuel System right after Thanksgiving to guide me through the end of the semester and finals.

When I was done, I used the recipes and principles to guide my meals through my days of work and working out....and oh yeah, endless holiday food! gotta say, this was the healthiest holiday season I have ever had!

-Katlyn C., 22

John W.

"Let me tell you how I am feeling lately: Energetic, stronger and even maybe smarter…"

My newest, smaller-sized bike shorts are almost looking baggie on my skinnier ass!  Not sure of what to make of that but I guess I’ll take it…Also I am getting a lot more respect at work and seem to be getting more than just sweet little old ladies saying hi to me at the grocery store, among other places!

The fat is melting off my body but I don’t seem to be losing weight, just gaining a new shape or rather uncovering an old friend.  60+ miles in the saddle last weekend with more climbing than I have been doing in ages.  Felt pretty strong at the end of the day Sunday getting up off the saddle and pounding that last hill at about 32 miles.  Would have had a tough time with this most any time last Summer!
I just said if I am half way there, the best will be fantastic – because I never dreamt I would ever really feel as good as I do now.

Thank you very much!
-John W., 59

alicia"For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I'm happy with my body."

I was on my way to work today and felt this feeling of extreme gratitude and I thought I would share it with you. This inspiration you've given me has led to me lose 24 1/2 inches and 20 lbs.  

For the first time in my life (I'm only 23), I can honestly say I'm happy with my body. I never really believed in dieting.  I was always active but after following you, I realized it’s all what I put in my body.  Just wanted to say thank you .
-Alicia A. (23)


connie-testimonial-thumbApparently, eating healthy does work. Blood work is excellent. All the bad stuff went down and the good stuff went up. Heart disease risk way below average! Thank you Betty Rocker for the healthy recipes…who woulda thought quinoa could taste so good?

-Connie K. ( 57)

ThrowBack Thursday

Eating this way has gotten me into my best body ever, and allowed me to maintain it for years! I'm 35, and friends tell me I look younger than I did in my 20's!

I created the Body Fuel System so others could experience food the way I do, and transform their lives and their bodies. We're all on the same team!
-Betty Rocker




This Program is 100% Digital, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS, and no physical products will be mailed.